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GH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
GH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

GH Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Faster, Cleaner, and more Convenient than a broom! 

Check this out! 😎

DOUBLE EXTREME SUCTION - Powerful 10,000pa suction in MAX mode perfect for large particles, bread crumbs, dust mites, etc. 7000pa suction in standard mode perfect for all daily household cleaning.

150W DIGITAL MOTOR - Cordless vacuum adopts 150W digital motor generates a high-speed airflow to provide up to 10,000pa crazy suction. Save up to 4-5 times of electricity than traditional vacuum cleaners.

DETACHABLE BATTERY - It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge and can run up to 45 minutes. The detachable battery facilitates separate charging, so you can purchase an extra battery to extend the runtime.

LATEST FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY - 4-stage fully-sealed filtration captures 99.99% of the fine dust and locks in small particles without leakage and expels cleaner, HEPA is washable and recyclable.

LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE - 1.35KG lightweight main body enable you easily clean up from the floor to high places, and comes with 3 serviceable attachments for added versatility.

ELECTRIC TURBO FLOOR BRUSH - The Built-in electric motor to provide efficient vacuuming, stiff nylon bristles and soft bristles, perform well on hard floors and carpets in terms of dust. 









你想吸哪里 就 吸哪里,从【家里】吸到【车里】都没问题😎😎

✅ 非常轻便
人体工学设计,特别针对女人🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ 只需一只手✋工作!不像以前的吸尘机要两只手工作


✅真空度高达 >10,000pa

✅电功率 150Watt
比传统吸尘器节省多达4-5倍的电源⚡⚡ Watt 指的是【消耗电源的快慢】,并不代表吸尘机的吸力。吸尘器的功率 (Watt) 一般取决于设计!所以说,越好的设计,消耗的电源就越低。

【标准档吸力】可续航高达45分钟,高档吸力(Boost Mode)可续航高达20分钟。我们 Video 中使用的是【标准档吸力】,已经足够满足在家里的平常使用了。


✅ 尘盒、Filter 容易清洗
尘盒與 Filter 是可以拆出來用清水清洗的。