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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 胎压监测仪

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 胎压监测仪

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Many accidents are caused by the flat tyre on the highway. As a car owner, the safety of driving is the first thing. To reduce such accidents, the installation of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is necessary. With the TPMS, we can keep the tyre working within the specified pressure and temperature range at any time to reduce the damage of the tire for safe driving.

Product Features:
  • Solar Wireless Charging
  • Auto Power On / Off
  • Low Pressure Warning
  • High Pressure Warning
  • High Temperature Warning
  • Air Leaking Warning
  • TPMS Low Battery Warning
  • Sensor Malfunction Warning

Benefits of TPMS:
  • Prevent Punctures
  • Prevent HighSpeed Blowouts that causes traffic collision
  • Adjust Tire Pressure & Balancing
  • Easier Tire Maintenance
  • Reduce Tire Wear
  • Extend Tire Life
  • Improve Driving Stability
  • Improve Safety
  • Save Fuel

Packaging included:
→1x Host (Display)
→1x Double Side Tape
→4x External Sensor
→4x Anti-Theft Nuts
→1x Mini Spanner
→1x Instruction manual

1 year local warranty





  • 太阳能 无线充电版
  • 四轮气压 / 温度 实时检测
  • 预知漏气 3秒内提示报警
  • 预防 Highway 爆胎危险
  • 避免 爆胎伤到 Rim Wheel
  • 使轮胎的保养 更简单
  • 有效提升 行驶安全

TPMS 的好处:

  1. 四轮平衡,防止车辆跑偏
  2. 减少磨损,延长轮胎寿命
  3. 预防气压过高,轮胎起包
  4. 使行车稳定,更节省燃油
  5. 预知漏气,预防爆胎


  • 漫漏气 / 快漏气 报警
  • 胎压低 / 胎压高 报警
  • 胎温高 报警
  • 电量低 报警
  • 传感器失效 报警


  • 1x 监测仪主机
  • 1x 胶贴 (Double Tape)
  • 4x 外置传感器 (Sensor)
  • 4x 防盗螺母 (Hex Nuts)
  • 1x 扳手 (Mini Spanner)
  • 1x 使用说明